Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start editing an event that is already on this page

Log in, click on "Takeover public events" and click the takover-button for the event that you want to edit.

I cannot find the event in the takeover-list!

Probably somebody else pressed the takeover button before you. If you feel, you should have the right to edit the event, send an email to the webmaster of this site.

What is is a site dedicated to tangofestivals worldwide, but also to other events that may be interesting for the tango addict.

How do I get an event listed?

You create a user account by clicking on "new user" to the left. After filling out the form, you get a validation email. You click on the link and after that you can log in. Although first you will have to wait for a manual valdiation of your user profile. After the manual validation, you can insert as many events as you like as well as edit them without limits.

How do I log in?

Write your username and password in the boxes to the left.

Username and password?

If you don't have a username and password, you can get it by hitting "new user" to the left side and filling out the form. Remember to check your mailbox for the validation mail and clicking the link in the mail.

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