For Organizers

Dear Tango Festival Organizer is a new and the first website trying to collect comprehensive information about all tangofestivals worldwide. I know this sounds ambitious, and it is only possible with your support!

The idea is based on distribution and self-service: You can as organizer create a user account and put in as much or as little information about your event as you like. If everybody does that, tango addicts all over the world will have to go only to one place to find every information about tangofestivals their heart desires, and it will be much easier to decide where to go. Also, in the near future, communication between dancers will be possible in various forms as well as finding dance partners, getting a ride, giving each other tips, commenting on activities etc.

As only you as the organizer has the latest information about your event, the information on the site will always stay current and be up to date. To make this easy, serious effort has been put into the system for editing activities and once your account has been created and validated (although a manual validation is necessary unless you have received an email with a separate instructions), you can start inserting and editing events right away.

It is my hope that you will support the idea and that this information is sufficient to get started. You are always welcome to write an email or call me directly if you have any questions. Also, I ask you to be forgiving when you encounter bugs. I promise to correct them as fast as possible. At this stage there are inevitably bugs and corrections to be made, and I appreciate every feedback about problems on the website. Especially the user-dialogs are difficult to test as users tend to do things, I had no idea were possible! At this point the website is like a new-born baby and has to learn a lot. When everything works smoothly and you have started adding and editing your events with little effort, I will be able to concentrate on additional ways of viewing, searching and communicating everything - utilizing the vast possibilities of the internet!

Thomas Zelikman

Tel. +45 46 928 982 ( IP telephone number in Denmark, so may be free from your country if it's an IP-to-IP call)


Adding an event

When you log in, you get a menu on the left side. Inserting an event takes 5 minutes and involves 5 steps:

1. clicking on "Add Event"
2. Writing the name, description and type of the event (as some other choices than tangofestivals are possible)
3. Choosing a location (eventually creating a new location) (**)
4. Choosing some dates by clicking on the calendar
5. Clicking submit.

Additionally - or later - you can add pictures and additional information to your event, location or resources.

If you want to specify teachers, Dj's or Orchestras, you can always do that either when adding the event or later. The most well-know are already in the database, and you only need to click on a list.

** When adding locations and especially when searching, the system may take a few seconds to respond. This is because a search is made in a database with more than 3.5 mio geographic locations worldwide. Additionally, a world map is loaded from yahoo-maps. Please let the system finish if you are adding new locations.

To edit an event

After logging in:
1. Click "Edit Private Events".
2. Click "Edit"

Take over an event

Possibly your activity is already listed on the site. To be able to edit it, you must takeover the activity. After loggin in, this is easy:

1. Click on "Takeover Public Events"
2. Scroll down to your event - they are ordered by date and click "Takeover this Event for Editing". If you regret, you can always click "Let Public Edit Event" in your Edit event menu.

Neuer Benutzer

Die Seite funktioniert mit Internet Explorer, aber viel besser mit Firefox: