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Bose, Myers Pickups, and Southwest Strings are now official sponsors of GV-Qtango Fest 2018! Not only will this festival include some of the best tango musicians in the world, you will be hearing them on the finest audio equipment available.

Tickets on Sale NOW!

We have passes available for individual events during the festival and have shorter packages for those who can’t make the full festival. The price for each event is listed both below and at https://www.saztango.info/ .

27 Sep - Musician Meet and Greet - $15/dancer
28 Sep - Opening Milonga - $50/dancer
29 Sep - Musicality Workshops 1 & 2 - $40/dancer for both workshops
29 Sep - Black and White Milonga - $60/dancer
30 Sep - Tea Milonga - $50/dancer
Friday-Saturday (including workshop) Pass - $115/dancer
Saturday-Sunday (including workshop) Pass - $115/dancer

Remember, we have a very liberal policy for full passes . Passes are transferable: If you can only make it to some events, your friend can use your pass for the events you won't be attending. Please register additional users or email us to add your friends name to your pass so there's no confusion. Full passes are the most inexpensive way to go if you know someone who wants to go to events that you won't be able to attend.

Erskine Maytorena, band leader for Qtango, talked for a very long time about putting together a live tango music festival for dancers. The dream finally came true from March 16-18, 2018 at the first AB-Qtango Fest in Albuquerque, NM. The event quickly sold out, and after the success of the festival, he decided to expand the reach of the event and organize another festival in Green Valley AZ, sponsored by the GVR Argentine Tango Club, in order to make it easier for west coast dancers who love live music to attend.

Qtango and the GVR Argentine Tango Club looks forward to seeing you in Green Valley AZ for the second all live tango music festival. Check back here, the Q-Tango website https://www.qtango.com/, or the Southern Arizona Argentine Tango website https://www.saztango.info/ for updates on musician and festival plans as they occur.

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Qtango has been performing for dancers since 2008 and learned a lot along the way. This is another opportunity to not only share what they've learned, but to build a community of musicians and dancers looking to support live tango music.

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